From the Introduction of How Mothers Love:

‘Children need their mothers’ love. Most mothers want to give it. Often they are giving it much more than they realise. People sometimes talk as if a mother’s love is the same as her feeling of love. A mother’s feeling of love can be overwhelming. However, much of her time is spent in practical tasks. Then she is in a different mode. She might not be conscious of feeling love when, for example, she wakes herself from her much-needed sleep because her baby is crying and needs her. Fortunately, from her actions, the baby seems to sense his mother’s underlying love. That way he knows that she loves him.
‘If a mother isn’t always conscious of feeling love, how can she tell if she is acting with underlying love? A mother’s love means that she is in a kind of dialogue with her child. Long before her child can speak, there is a "conversation” of questions and answers going on between the two of them.’
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