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How Mothers Loveand how relationships are born

What readers have said about How Mothers Love:

A mother's comment on my Website Contact Form:
'It's strange to say it - in our apparently liberated times - but I found through both your group, and your books, that I have been given permission to be a mother and I've found it immensely liberating. I feel so liberated from the notion that intelligent ambitious women ought to find being a mother dull and relentless. Since then, I have found it freeing to spend a day with my son and to think I am giving him the greatest gift another human being can receive: a mother's love.'

Another mother:
'I have just finished reading How Mothers Love and wanted to say a huge thank you. You have been a fantastic companion on some very lonely days.'

Another mother:
'I've just started reading How Mothers Love which a friend recommended to me as a way of quietening my inner dialogue of guilt that I'm doing everything wrong with my daughter (who is 13 weeks old). I'm already feeling more positive as I sit and read it.'

A mother in Kristiansand, Norway:
'I'm so enjoying How Mothers Love that I want to nudge fellow passengers on the bus to read it aloud to them. We NEED this book in Norwegian.'

A mother in West Sussex:
'What Mothers Do and How Mothers Love give confidence as I often find myself questioning whether I do the things I do and make my decisions based on what I really feel, or what I think is best for my daughter of eight months, or what I think my peers/mom/mother-in-law/sister-in-law thinks I should be doing.'

From Ricky Liu, who translated How Mothers Love into Chinese:
'Although I was a father (not mother) of a two-year-old boy when I did my translation, I really gained a lot from How Mothers Love which provided a very unique perspective for me to look at all the aspects of being with a child.'

"Each mother creates her own relationship, or conversation, with her baby"

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