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What Mothers Learnwithout being taught

What Mothers Learn

without being taught

by Naomi Stadlen

Publisher: Piatkus Books

Publication Price: TBC

What mothers learn is both ordinary and very difficult. They are usually the first to relate to their babies. Drawing on their words, What Mothers Learn describes the mothering experience as a journey of discovery.

Chapter Titles


  1. Intelligent work
  2. A special time
  3. What babies do – especially when it looks like nothing
  4. ‘I don’t feel desperate any more’
  5. Anger from deep inside
  1. ‘Am I still a feminist?’
  2. Is mothering a spiritual experience?
  3. Who am I?
  4. Fathers in flux
  5. ‘When are you coming back to work?’
  6. About grandmothers
  7. No mother is an island

Copies of What Mothers Learn can be ordered online from www.littlebrown.co.uk and www.amazon.co.uk.


What Mothers Learn has been translated into Spanish.

Lo Que Aprenden Las Madres sin que nadie se lo ensene

Translated by Montserrat Asensio who writes: "I have a 4-year-old boy and felt very recognized in many of the things that both the author and the mothers say. I almost wanted to add translator notes with a ‘Me too!’"

Published by Diana, PlanetaLibros, Espana

ISBN - 978-84-18118-52-4

"Each mother creates her own relationship, or conversation, with her baby"

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