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What Mothers DoEspecially When It Looks Like Nothing

What readers have said about What Mothers Do:

Janet Balaskas, mother, grandmother and founder of the Active Birth Centre
‘It’s a wonderful book and a great affirmation for mothers.’
Ruth Barnett, mother and psychotherapist
‘I suspect What Mothers Do will become an enduring classic.’
Lydia Bensusan, mother and psychotherapist in Perth, Australia
'Thank you for putting into words what no one talks about!'
Margie Chadwick, mother
‘By noting all the things a mother does Naomi is lifting their status, and giving them a voice so that they can be understood.’
Rachel Gwilym, mother
‘Since reading What Mothers Do I have been challenged to think more about how motherhood can be embraced by the feminist movement to allow women to flourish as women and bring up children with presence and energy.’
Sheila Kitzinger, mother and grandmother, childbirth educator
‘Naomi Stadlen writes with understanding, deep insight and humour. This is truly woman-to-woman.’
Sanja Oakley, mother and psychotherapist
‘When I read Stadlen’s book I cried with relief. All those years when I thought I was incapable or lazy – or even sick, because I felt permanently exhausted – I was actually busy mothering.’
Dr W. J. Stephen, father, grandfather and doctor
‘I have read it with great interest and enjoyed it. As so many people have said – why has it taken so long for sanity to reach the bookshops?’
Phoebe Tait, mother
‘I’m halfway through your book, close to tears most of the time. I’m totally moved by it, by the depths of love that mothers have for their babies, and the great achievements that mothers do on a daily basis that go unacknowledged most of the time.’
Kate Wood, mother and journalist
‘I have just been reading it in the bath (until the baby woke and I had to get out, of course.)... It deserves to become a classic. I feel so relieved someone is saying all these things – at times I was on the verge of tears – that you are honestly acknowledging this amazing and mysterious thing that we do as mothers.’
'An honest, sometimes painful narrative of the overwhelming changes in a new mom's life.'
Richard Skues, Principal Lecturer in Social Science, London Metropolitan University
‘Naomi Stadlen breaks new ground in capturing those aspects of the experience of modern motherhood that are often overlooked or denigrated in the standard literature.’
Thomas Szasz, father, grandfather, author, psychoanalyst
‘I love this book. A work from a pure heart and informed head. It is at once simple and profound, as is the subject it addresses.’
Zoe Carter-Beedie, mother
'It's like having a kind friend by my bedside every day. You completely and utterly understand every nuance of motherhood.Thank you so much!'
Bethany G, mother
'So much of what was in your book I have thought but did not have the words to explain. I didn't even know that the feelings and thoughts that I have on a daily basis were real.. or even thought of by anyone else. I wondered how does she know THIS IS EXACTLY how mothering is.'
Kris, mother
'Quite simply - thank you. I have three children, one aged five (who has Down's Syndrome) and two-year-old twins. I've been struggling, over the last three months, to make sense of it all. I've just read the first chapter of What Mothers Do and already I feel "lifted". Thankyou.'
Mandy Nightingale, Yoga teacher
'I've just this second finished reading your book What Mothers Do, and wanted to say what a wonderful insight it has given me to mums. I'm not a mum and am not pregnant, but am a yoga teacher who's just started some further training in yoga for pregnancy and post-natal. This was one of the books that I had to read, and have found it a wonderful and fascinating read on so many levels - I will definitely be recommending it to many people.'
Kylie Hobbs, mother in New Zealand
'I am a new mother with a little by who is now five months. Recently, I picked out What Mothers Do in our local library. By the time I had read just the introduction, I was crying with joy at what I could not put into words but was my experience so far. It has given me a little more strength and courage and now makes me proud of my choices with mothering so far.'
Brandy Ferner, mother and author of Adult Conversation
"My son [now thirteen] was a terrible napper and so I would drive him around until he fell asleep in the car, and then park in expensive neighborhoods to soak up their free ambiance and landscaping, and sit in my car like a prisoner for two hours while my son napped. This is where I first read your book, What Mothers Do - Especially when it looks like nothing, with a full bladder, starving, cramped in a car, wondering why motherhood felt this way, and if it was normal. Your book was the very first thing that validated all the things I was doing - seen or unseen. Your book made it okay for me to feel overwhelmed because this job is often overwhelming. Your book was medicine that I desperately needed at the time." 
Kate, a mother
"I’m reading What Mothers Do and although you mentioned you wrote  it some time ago I think it is timeless, essential reading that will never have an expiry date! It so comforting and holding to know there are words to my feelings."

"Each mother creates her own relationship, or conversation, with her baby"

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